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Easy DIY Essential Oil Diffuser (Updated 2020)

Are you into essential oils, but lack the resources to buy a diffuser? Then a homemade DIY essential oil diffuser is for you.

Most people use essential oils because of the intriguing way they work. This is where people with no experience in essential oils encounter a problem. They would love to use essential oils but aren’t prepared to spend a fortune on an oil diffuser.

The oils are already pricey, so spending an additional $40-$100 on a diffuser is a big no for most people. Some simply can’t afford a diffuser but would love to experience all the benefits of essential oils.

Read on to learn about the 10 best DIY essential oil diffusers.

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Homemade Diffuser

A DIY diffuser is an excellent solution to replace your air freshener. You can use your favorite essential oil and make your house smell pleasurable and mind soothing. Of course, you can get various air fresheners, but that’s not the same or as useful as an essential oil diffuser.

You can also make a beautiful diffuser necklace or bracelet to go with it. Check out our Essential Oil Bracelet Buyers Guide.

The best part about a homemade diffuser is you can enjoy the ingredients and fragrances you love at affordable prices.

Why make your own essential oil diffuser?

Many people don’t see the reason to use essential oils at all, but that’s because they don’t realize that essential oils have many purposes, from lifting your mood and making a home smell wonderful, to purifying and deodorizing the air and spreading a great aroma through the house.

Depending on the diffuser you use, you can take your favorite essential oil and diffuse it for a couple of days. It takes only a few drops per use. A homemade essential oil diffuser is also an excellent way to use CBD oil.

Some diffusers use reeds to diffuse the aroma while others use electricity to heat the oil.

Most essential oils and diffusers are eco-friendly and aimed at reducing waste and air pollution while providing certain health benefits.

10 Ways to make an essential oil diffuser

Here are some simple ways to make a homemade diffuser.

1. Make a reed diffuser

diy essential oil diffuser reed diffuser
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This is the most common and easiest diffuser to make. You’ll need:

  • a container made of essential-oil-safe materials with a narrow opening
  • 1/4 cup of safflower oil
  • 15-25 drops of essential oil
  • 2 tbsp of rubbing alcohol, as alcohol help oils travel up the reed
  • diffuser reeds

Take a glass measuring cup and add safflower oil, alcohol, and essential oil. Stir the oil mixture using the store-bought reed to disperse essential and safflower oil evenly. Pour the mixture into the container and insert the reeds. Fan the reeds out and allow the oil to saturate into the reeds for a few days. Make sure to replace the mixture once it evaporates and buy new reeds every 30 days. Click here for more instructions.

2. The diffuser necklace and Bracelet

diy essential oil diffuser necklace

This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to make your own essential oil diffuser. Take an old necklace with a charm on the end and roll a piece of natural hardening clay into a small ball. Push the charm into the ball and let it harden.

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Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on the clay and let it absorb and you’re good to go. If you want to change the scent, get a new mall charm. Go here to get more ideas.

diy essential oil diffuser bracelet

Learn everything about diffuser bracelets here. [link to blog]

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3. Terracotta pot diffuser

terracotta pot diy essential oil diffuser
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Using terracotta pots is probably the simplest way to make an oil diffuser.

All you need is a pot, a few pieces of felt and the essential oil. Put pieces of felt into the pot and put a few drops of essential oil the felt or directly on terracotta. The choice is yours.

terracotta nacklace diy essential oil diffuser
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You can also buy terracotta necklaces too!

4. Water and essential oil diffuser

reed diy essential oil diffuser

Take a mason jar and add a 1/4 cup of water into it. Add 25 drops of essential oil and 5-15 bamboo skewers or reeds. You can use as many skewers as you want but the more you use, the more smell you get. Make sure you flip diffuser reeds from time to time to disperse scent into the air. Here’s a step-by-step instruction.

5. Gel diffuser

diy essential oil diffuser gel diffuser

Mix essential oils with a cup of hot water and 1 tablespoon of water-storing crystal (like this) and stir until the ingredients are well mixed. Take a mason jar or a glass container and put the mixture inside. Keep it opened to that the essence can easily scent the air. Here are more great ideas.

6. Furnace filter diffuser

Furnace filter diffuser diy essential oil diffuser

Take a furnace filter and add a few drops of essential oil and place it back into the furnace. Each time the furnace blows air, it will disperse the essential oils throughout your home. Add additional drops of essential oil every once in a while because the scent tends to fade after a few days.

7. Baking soda diffuser

baking soda diy essential oil diffuser

If you’re looking for an affordable and quick way to scent your home, scented baking soda is exactly what you need. Add essential oils to baking soda and stir until there are no clumps. Once you reach an even mixture, just leave it somewhere to scent the air.

Here are the full instructions.

8. Wax sachet diffuser

wax sachet diy essential oil diffuser

Essential oil wax sachet diffusers are very effective in refreshing your entire home relatively quickly, and they make great presents for your friends and family.

They make your house smell fantastic and are perfect for keeping anywhere from wardrobes and drawers to counters and room tables. Freshen up your entire home quickly and easily.

Get the full instructions here.

9. Fragrance stones

diy essential oil diffuser fragrance stones

If you have essential oils, water, salt, and flour at home, you can make a fragrance stone diffuser in no time. Mix these ingredients and shape the mass in the form of natural stones.

Get the full instructions here.

These naturally scented stones smell delicious, and you can use food coloring, herbs, citrus peels, or flower petals to make them look extra attractive.

10. Dried herbs diffuser

dried herb diffuser

Aside from making your home smell nice, a dried herbs diffuser is a great way to eliminate the need to use oils. DIY dried herbs sachets are naturally repellent, and they are perfect for keeping in closets and drawers.

Take a look at this tutorial here.

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Here are five great essential oil diffuser recipes for different moods.3

1. Focus blend:

2. Stress away blend:

3. Calming blend:

4. Energy blend:

5. Immune booster:

It’s clear that you don’t need any expensive equipment to make your own essential oil diffuser. It’s quite possible to make simple homemade diffusers using what you have at home.

I hope this guide motivated you to make your own homemade essential oil diffuser.

Drop a comment and let us know your favorite DIY essential oil diffuser.

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