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Effective Morning Meditation – Complete Guide (2020)

The core essence of morning meditation is about being mindful of the present. Although meditation practice may seem to have the same kind of technique, the demons we fight today change every day.

Each day, a new ‘want’ is launched in the market and our mind wants to have it. Ironically, we are more attracted to distractions than our goals.

Distraction is nothing but dissatisfaction from the present moment.

This heavily hampers our productivity in the long run and we start to evade more from our true self. When we get bombarded with a new ‘want’, it gets harder to identify what we really ‘need’.

When we buy things that we do not need, we tend to clutter our space and environment.

When you have control over your mind, you have control over your decisions.

This will quiet the noises from all marketing schemes thrown your way and you will be able to think inwards. This will help you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle in due time – de-cluttering your mind, space, and plane.

Alignment to our true self and purpose can be done with the help of guided meditation.

Purpose Of Morning Meditation

It’s always recommended to start our day in silence. When the dawn is breaking and the world is yet to wake up from its deep sleep, you can start practicing your meditation.

The silence before the hustle calms your mind and makes you more mindful of your action.

What benefit does it give you to start your meditation in the morning as a beginner, you ask?

Multiple studies have concluded that you have the best focus and grit to overcome the toughest task in early mornings.

If focusing your mind inwards and sitting still is tough for you, then starting your day with meditation is a good idea.

Benefits of Meditation In Your Daily Life

When you set aside time to meditate and then start your day, you will feel calmer and in control of yourself in tense situations.

Research has shown that it also positively affects your blood pressure and your decision-making process. It gives you an upper hand over emotions and lets your logic rule the day with positive energy.

You can also use minute-meditation techniques like deep breathing and calming your mind through peaceful music during the day.

It also helps you sleep better, work better, and even play better! You can add time for meditation practice at night before you intend to fall asleep. It greatly works at setting your sleep pattern right especially if you suffer from insomnia.

Choose Your Style of Meditation

One size doesn’t fit all. When it comes to meditation, you can choose from any of these or you can combine them as you see fit.

The main idea behind meditation is to make you self-aware and present in the moment.

You can choose from following meditation techniques.

Breathing Meditation

In breathing meditation technique, you have to only observe your breathing.       

Paying attention to how you draw your breath, how long you take to exhale, how it sounds like, etc. can help you get started.

You can also try breathing in deep from your nose and exhaling from your mouth.

Guided Meditation

Some people like narration to fix their mind-flow onto. In guided meditation, the narrator (or your guide) will ask you to observe things they dictate.         

From background noise to how your knees feel while being bent, they will shift your focus on different things that will relax you (combined with deep breathing exercises).

Here is a great guided meditation playlist:

Mantra Chanting

You can set an intention for the day and come up with positive affirmations. Repeat those positive affirmations to yourself in rhythmic pause and start.           

If you don’t know what to intend for, you can search mantras for meditation and chant what fits you the best.

Candle Staring (Trataka)

Candle staring or Trataka involves focusing on a lit candle.

Sit comfortably and focus on a lit candle. Let your thoughts come and go while you focus on the twitching flame.         

Observe your thoughts while detaching them with emotions. It is a little hard to do in the beginning, but you will get a grip on it.

Mindfulness Meditation

In mindfulness meditation, you have to observe your space where you meditate.

You can observe the sounds, your thoughts, your feelings, and let them come and go like waves.           

Don’t interrupt it with your notions of morality. You have to look at them from a third person’s point of view and let it pass.

Walking Meditation

Walking engages our body and mind into one activity. You don’t have to take a lot of time for this.        

You can take a 10-minute walk around your community park. Walking meditation is just like mindfulness meditation with the addition of walking.

Meditation to Start The Day

We are going to tell you step-by-step instructions on how you can make the most out of your daily meditations.            

These instructions will help you in building and maintaining a meditation habit.

1. Choose an Uninterrupted Time In The Morning

Morning and just before you hit the bed is the best time for meditation. The evening may not be the best because you may fall asleep during your meditation.

Choose a time where you will not be needed by anyone. That time should be free of any kind of interruption from the world around you.

2. Turn Off Notification from Social Media

Set your phone to do-not-disturb mode. This will disengage you from the urgent yet unimportant notifications from social media websites.     

When you set your DND, your brain will automatically feel calmer in the morning.

3. Meditate For 5-10 Minutes

When starting meditation practice, it’s common to feel anxious about the activities of the day. 

Start with 5 minutes, extend it to 10, and then extend it to an hour eventually.    

You can take it slow, but you have to make sure you do it the same time every day.

4. Turn on Music

Not just any music; you can play non-lyrical and relaxing music for stress-relief and meditation.

There can be music in which a singular phrase will be repeated rhythmically.       

This music often aims at relieving stress and anxiety that you would be dealing in the early stage. Just search for “meditation music” on Spotify or YouTube.

5. Sit Comfortably and Wear Comfortable Clothes

Anything too tight might cause discomfort while sitting and attract your attention there. Wear anything that feels comfortable to you.       

Sit comfortably while keeping your back straight. Keeping your back straight is essential to prevent you from dozing off.

Not everyone can sit with their legs crossed. Hence, you can buy a meditation chair specially made to relax your body while keeping your back straight. If you’re in the market for a meditation chair, check out our list of the 21 best meditation chairs.

6. You Might Keep Phasing In And Out

It is okay to feel a little scared when you realize you are zoning in. Since this feeling has been alien to you, entering that new area of the inner self can be baffling.         

So, you might phase in and phase out, which is completely normal. Swim in the area of higher consciousness one step at a time.

7. Set A Timer

Choose your style of meditation and set an intention for the day. Meditate the same time of the day (and night if possible) to set a habit.

If you are afraid that you might lose track of time during meditation, set a timer on your phone. Keep the tone of your alarm to a soothing one, which gently alerts you.

mantra beads for morning meditation
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You can use mala beads to help time your meditation. Hold onto the starting bead. For every breath you take, move up one bead. Go around as many times as you want. Mala beads make great necklaces and you can wrap them around your wrist as a bracelet.

Stay Positive

These tips will help you meditate for a positive mindset. A positive mindset will help you conquer your goals and make mindful decisions about your life and the life around you.

We hope that with these meditation techniques and tips, you will be able to make one progressive choice a day towards the well-being of our planet as well. Let’s help each other and mother Earth to rejuvenate from inside out.

For more such helpful information on living a mindful and healthy life, do check Oath’s blog. You will find resourceful guides for healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

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