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Essential Oil Bracelet – Buyer’s Guide and Everything You Need to Know (2020)

(Updated 2019)

Are you enthusiastic about aromatherapy and all the benefits of essential oils? Would you like to be able to enjoy your favorite essential oil even while on the go?

What about bracelets? Do you love those little fashion accessories that add style to every outfit? You can now mix your two favorite things into one essential oil bracelet.

Enjoy Aromatherapy Everywhere You Go!

With an essential oil bracelet, you can enjoy the scent of your favorite essential oil all day long, no matter where you are. You don’t have to worry about your favorite oils leaving stains on your clothes, as you’ll have them right there on your wrist, that is, on your diffuser bracelet.

Diffuser jewelry is becoming more and more popular among aromatherapy enthusiasts. Not only does it provide some excellent benefits, but it also looks quite beautiful.

If you’re interested in this wonderful accessory that comes with healing and spiritual properties, read on to find out everything about essential oil bracelets. Apart from discovering how they work; you’ll also learn how to use them and how to make your own essential oil blend.

What Is an Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet?

An essential oil diffuser bracelet is just like a regular bracelet with beads. However, it’s more than just a simple piece of jewelry.

It’s made with lava beads that can absorb drops of essential oils and provide you with plenty of mood-enhancing and health-enhancing benefits.

Those lava beads are porous, which means that liquid can pass through them. When you add drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava beads of your bracelet, they absorb the oil and release its scent throughout the day. They’re even capable of holding the scent for several days.

All of this means that you can take your favorite essential oil with you everywhere you go!

You’re not restricted to bracelets. You can also make essential oil diffuser necklaces too!

What Are Lava Rock Beads?

lava rock beads

Lava rock beads are made from igneous rocks, primarily basalt. They look like tiny sponges, with little holes that enable oil absorption. As you now know, they are porous and can absorb essential oils quite easily, which makes them perfect for diffuser jewelry.

The lava rock is a volcanic rock, so lava rock beads are beads made from cooled down molten lava. How exciting is it to hold a lava bead that came out of a volcano? It’s a pretty cool feeling, especially when you think about the fact that those black lava rocks have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years.

They’re also known as grounding stones, that is, calming stones that can to provide strength, courage, and stability. They can help you relax, eliminate stress, and perfectly balance your emotions. Many people also believe that black lava rocks promote fertility.

Buy lava rock beads here and make your own bracelet or necklace.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated chemical compounds that are extracted from plants. Once extracted, carrier oil is used to create various essential oil products that you can either inhale or rub on your skin.

Essential oils are used primarily in aromatherapy, as they can calm your nervous system and help you balance your emotions. They can help you relax, reduce stress and tension, boost energy, improve mood, and induce feelings of joy and happiness.

Many people believe that they can also help regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep cycles, precisely because of their calming properties.

This is all thanks to the link between your nasal cavity and the limbic system of your brain. Do you know how certain scents trigger memories or feelings? When you inhale a scent, your limbic system instantly triggers an emotional response. That’s exactly how different aromas can impact your mood in different ways.

Therefore, with a lava stone diffuser bracelet (or necklace), you can experience all the relaxing, healing, and spiritual benefits of essential oils.

This type of an essential oil bracelet is also commonly known as a vitality bracelet. A vitality bracelet, or a chakra bracelet, can help you balance out the seven energy centers, that is, chakras in your body. A chakra lava stone diffuser bracelet, or a vitality extracts bracelet, is believed to help find balance in life and provide optimal energetic health.

When you add all these benefits to those that lava rock beads naturally come with, you get truly incredible diffuser jewelry that you should have in your jewelry box.

Check out this graphic showing the many benefits of essential oils (click to expand):

graphic list of essential oil benefits

Using an Essential Oil Bracelet

If you’re wondering how to use an essential oil bracelet, you’ll be happy to know that even a child can make and use one. It’s that easy.

This is simply because oil bracelets are just like any other bracelet, except you need to add essential oil to them before putting them on your wrist.

You can use any bracelet with braided leather, faux leather, or even stainless steel. You can also choose from lava, wood, or air-dry clay beads, or even combine them with various gemstones. Once you pick your jewelry, simply add your favorite essential oil to it, and you’re good to go.

How Do You Add Essential Oils to a Bracelet?

Again, the process is incredibly simple. All you need are 2-3 drops of any oil of your choice. Just rub the oil directly onto one or more of the beads. Don’t go overboard though. It is not necessary to add oil to all of the beads. It could end up being too strong.

Make sure you let the oil dry before putting your bracelet on, especially if you use undiluted essential oil. That way, you’ll avoid any potential skin reaction.

How to Create a Custom Oil Blend

There are no rules as to which essential oils you can use to create your diffuser blend. It all comes down to your personal preference, that is, what scents you like best.

Also, your diffuser blend will depend on what effects you’d like to experience. For instance, peppermint and citrus oils are great for boosting energy, while lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood are ideal for relaxing.

Be sure to explore various flowery, citrus, herbal, spicy, or woody essential oils to find out more about their benefits. That way, you can blend essential oils perfectly, and create a truly beneficial essential oil bracelet that will be just right for your needs.

For a complete guide to creating essential oil blends, check out this article.

Essential oil bracelets are some of the best pieces of jewelry you can ever wear. They can add style to almost any outfit and provide you with outstanding spiritual and healing benefits at the same time.

Leave a comment and tell us what benefits you get from an essential oil bracelet.

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